1Malaysia, 1System?

It all began with the so-called number one telco in Malaysia. Celcom. I was a Blackberry user back then when I started to use BIS plan. The first few months went well and then it started to go crazy. My prepaid credit was deducted tremendously. My credit went from RM50 to nil.

Celcom Careline kept blaming me for not turning this and this off. Yeah. Turned them all off and the problem persisted. After a very detailed explanation of my usage they then admitted that it was their system’s fault. They admitted it only when they lost the argument. Brilliant.

I then switched to iPhone. This time around I used Hotlink. Again, the first few months were good until the same problem happened again. This time Hotlink Careline blamed me for streaming videos on my phone. Tell me how the heck can I stream videos when I was sleeping? Mistakenly pressed on a wrong button? The phone was on the table and I did not sleep on that table.

Again, they admitted that it was their system’s fault only when I explained in details of my usage for the past few days and they had no more point to counter my explanation. Brilliant.

I switched to Umobile a month ago. Everything went well until two days ago. I can only received mentions but can’t go online. Never did I expect they will also have the very same problem as the two telcos mentioned above.

Now can someone tell why the eff our Malaysia’s telcos all have same stupid system? I would assume that they did that on purpose. To get ‘free’ money from users. I keep on track of my usage so when they try to blame me for the mistakes that I don’t do, I can argue. But a lot of people out there will just nod their head replying “Ouh really? Okay. Okay. Ouh really? Okay.” when they say “Ouh my dear user it is your mistake for streaming video, download this and that, go over the bandwidth bla bla bla” and keep deducting your credit again and again and again and again………..


Ubuntu and pendrivelinux

I’ve wrote this somewhere else not long time ago:

It has been a very long time since I last get my hands on Ubuntu OS. Not pretty sure how many freaking months. It might reach a year already.

Was thinking about getting to Ubuntu OS back. I checked these things out; pendrivelinux, Wubi.

Was looking for something that can help run Ubuntu in Windows OS. Some sort of a usual Windows software that we can just install and uninstall.

Wubi fits well for that particular purpose but in order to use it, a reboot is required and actually no. Ubuntu is not running in Windows OS but just only installed in Windows OS rather than installing it in parallel with Windows OS.

Found out that using pendrivelinux simply means making the flash drive to act as a Live Ubuntu USB; pretty useless. Live Ubuntu USB limits the usability of Ubuntu features. I wonder if using pendrivelinux will also bring the same limitation.

Dual boot? Repetitive bad experiences lead to insecurity.

And I was wrong. pendrivelinux does not work like Live USB. Live USB gives you the opportunity to try using Ubuntu OS before you make up your mind to install it or not without actually gives you the feature to install any software. Unlike Live USB, pendrivelinux gives maximum features. The only drawback is the size of your flash drive. The size will decide how many softwares can you install.

Correct me if I am wrong again.