[REPOST] Clean Up Shadow Copies of Older Windows Images

Edited version of the original entry that was published on 18 October 2010.

My D partition has a total size of 200GB. In reality, i only use around 20.8GB.

But it stated there that i’m consuming triple of the actual size.

Apparently, there were two updates done, which means my D partition hold two different versions of update. And that had made my partition to consume a ‘virtual’ 50GB space. The space was actually consumed by the update files.

Since i updated my Windows twice since the installation, I had two different version of updates. And I could actually delete the older versions by doing the following simple steps. (this is for Windows 7. It should be about the same for Windows Vista)

1. Right click the partition that you want to do the clean up and click on Properties. Once the’Properties window pops out, click on Disk Clean Up.

2. Click on More Option tab, and look at System Restore and Shadow Copies. Click on Clean Up and you’re one more step away from cleaning up your partition.

I’ve regained about 20GB of my D partition’s capacity. Another 30GB++ is used for my latest update version. I’ve done the same thing to my C partition and I’ve regained around 5GB capacity.


[How-To] Kick The Leechers Off Your WiFi

If you are using wifi and wishing to block unwelcomed leechers, this method will kick them off your wifi once and for all. Changing your wifi security connection to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK also works well to not allow these leechers to hack your wifi password as easy as they do to WEP security setting.

On a side note, if you wish to monitor your bandwidth usage, kindly download Networx.

1. Go to your router setting. Type http://your-router-id in your browser. Ex:

Router id is your PC’s getaway address. Here is how to check your getaway address: Windows>Command Prompt. Type ipconfig and search for default getaway. That’s your router id.

2. Sign in with your username and password.

3. Search for MAC address configuration or anything similar. By default, this configuration is disabled. Enable the option, insert the MAC address that you wish to get access to your wifi.

To know your MAC address, open Command Prompt and type ipconfig /all and search for physical address. Remember that physical address for ethernet connection and wireless connection differs from each other. If you wish to edit access configuration for your wifi setting, then look for physical address under wireless connection.

4. Save your changes. Your router will then automatically reset itself. If not, you can manually reset it.

1. By applying limited MAC address access to your internet connection, all other devices WILL NOT be able to use your wifi id to access the internet.

2. The number of MAC addresses allowed to be set up in the router setting is limited and vary accordingly, depending on your internet providers.

3. ALL devices, including tablets and handphones will also be blocked. Such devices have their very own wifi address.

a. Setting>General>About (iDevices)
b. Dial this code *#62209526# (Nokia)
c. Option>Status>WLAN address (Blackberry)

Search for wifi address. The other alternative is to check it in your phone body, under the battery.

4. All the details that you are using are highly confidential. DO NOT let others to know these details.

Disclaimer: All changes are under your own responsible. I am not obliged to be held responsible for any of your misdoing upon your trial to apply this configuration. All steps were revised before being published and these are the exact steps me myself did. Credit to @eizil too.

UEFI – The Cause of Failure of Booting From USB/CD

UEFI booting. Do not bother about its long name. Just remember its acronym. But if you happen to be an eager-to-know-everything peep, then you may proceed HERE

Let’s put it in the simplest manner. It is a “secure booting”. UEFI will prevent your laptop from booting any OS from any other drive like from USB and CD. Details explanation HERE

Remember the case where my laptop cannot boot from USB and also CD? Well, UEFI is the reason behind it.

There it goes. The bastard that has made me went haywire.

It was in ‘disable’ mode in default. Thought of changing it ‘enable’ mode. But then………

Did a bit research here and there and I finally made a decision to put it on hold while trying to get confirmation from ASUS itself or from Ubuntu Forum if Linux OS is 100% supported on UEFI boot since there were some cases where glitches did happen when booting other OS on UEFI boot mode.

Come on. This is not a RM300 stuff to play around without proper steps.

Ah yes. This laptop is ASUS A43S-VX038V, Windows7 Home Premium running on Intel i5-2430M, produced on August 2011, running on AMI Aptio BIOS firmware and made the debut into the market on September 2011.

Any helps are highly welcome and appreciated. Gazillion thanks.

High Speed Phone, Low Speed Telco

I was thinking about this for quite a time.

Umobile was bragging about their cheap data plan.

You see, iPhone 4S or any latest Android phone like SG S II comes with a high speed internet capability. Why? Because in most developed countries, they are already going for 4G network. Malaysia? We are even struggling to get a stable and wide 3G network across the country.

When talking about a data plan, speed is the number two factor after the data quota. What is the use of using iPhone 4S but you can only get EDGE connection most of the time in most of the places you be?

I would rather pay RM68/month for a 3G network rather than RM28/month for 2G network if I am going to get an iPhone 4S. #justsaying

Revert To The Old Tweetdeck

Just so you have an option to revert to the old Tweetdeck (PC version) which comes with the Adobe AIR. But I am not sure how long can this version last since Adobe AIR needs periodic updates to run without problem.

And this is v0.38.1, the second last version of the old Tweetdeck.


I hate the new one. It crashes every time I open it.


Life is beautiful when you do not take things for granted.

Life is beautiful when you start to appreciate your surrounding. It has moulded you into whatever shit you are now.

Life is beautiful when you acknowledge back people who acknowledge you because that is how a relationship starts.

Life is good. Or life is no good. Twenty fingers, a pair of ears and eyes respectively, a mouth and a nose. Try to come out with something from those God-gifted blesses.

Work hard, pray hard, play hard.

So the conclusion is….

Reached a conclusion.

My laptop does not support booting from USB.

There were people who suggested me to run this little app to check if my laptop support booting from USB. This need a few steps including restarting my laptop bla bla bla. So i took one simple step; tried it on other laptop. And fyeah, the live USB worked like a charm. I am using Asus A43S series, FYI.

It gave me another two sub conclusions. Do not take the risk to install Wubi as the hardware might not compatible yet and I am going to depends solely on Windows OS for……. another coming months, at least.

Two side notes.

1. The flash drive heated up super fast. I used Kingmax micro USB flash, in case if it helps to give one or two reasons why it heats up pretty easily.

2. The start up and shut down speeds were significantly slow. Three times slower than Ubuntu 10.10, for a comparison. Double the speeds when using 11.04, for another comparison.

I am sad.