Your Prepaid Credit Was Deducted?

If your prepaid credit was deducted even when you have already subscribed to any data plan/BIS plan, read further.

I tried to help other users as much as I could at my previous blog, Twitter, FB, LYN Forum and at certain telcos’ FB pages on this problem. This may look like a simple thing but believe me, I’ve had enough to finally decide to write a step by step procedure when you have this problem.

Regardless of what telco are you subscribing, what plan are you subscribing, this is the BASIC steps that you should take.

1. Immediately switch off your cellular data setting. This is the setting to enable your phone to be able to use 3G/2G network of your telco to browse and use internet-based applications.

2. Check how much of your prepaid credit was deducted. Try to remember as much details of your usage for the past few days as you could. This will help you in case the customer executives try to blame you for your so-called ‘mistakes’ for having this problem.

Make sure that you do not do what you should not do with your subscribed plan. For an instance, if you have ever browsed internet when your subscribed plan does not allow you to do so, then you will have to take the blame.

3. Call the customer service hotline number. No matter how long you have to wait, just wait. I’ve dealt with Celcom, Maxis and Umobile before. Maxis has an excellent customer service. If you have a Twitter account, lodge your problem to @MaxisListens. They will do the follow-ups by replying your mention and calling you for further investigations. They usually takes 5 working days to settle the issue and will give you a call to inform you once the problem is settled.

Umobile has the worst customer service. I waited for more than 30 minutes to get my call answered. Worth the wait though. They settled the issue in 4 working days. Do not ONLY approach them via email. In many cases, they did not respond to users’ emails. Tweet them (@umobilesb), and call them.

Celcom? They usually pick up the calls quite fast at off peak hour. But they will take forever to settle your issue and never inform me back of the issue’s status, as per my experiences. For my previous case with them, they took 40 days to settle it. And they do not have any reliable Twitter account to be approached via Twitter.

4. Wait for them to rectify the issue. DO NOT switch on the cellular data setting until the issue has been confirmed to be settled. If possible, avoid from topping up your number with a huge amount of credit to prevent any further deduction.

If you think they are too slow to solve the issue, call them, tweet them and write at their FB pages. Try to approach them as frequent as you could BUT never use vulgar words. This will only make them to ditch you and will probably let you down with your problem.


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