Revert To The Old Tweetdeck

Just so you have an option to revert to the old Tweetdeck (PC version) which comes with the Adobe AIR. But I am not sure how long can this version last since Adobe AIR needs periodic updates to run without problem.

And this is v0.38.1, the second last version of the old Tweetdeck.


I hate the new one. It crashes every time I open it.


16 thoughts on “Revert To The Old Tweetdeck

  1. Oh God – THANK YOU! I had my PC newly set up and when I installed the new tweetdeck I thought I’d been thrown back in time and space! How can new things turn out so incredibly BAD??? Of course now tweetdeck can’t identifiy me – but at least it looks good again lol

  2. Thanks for posting this… the new tweetdeck is not working. I can’t even add my twitter account :(. anyway, glad that someone had the old version

  3. i am still having difficulty installing this version. Iexpected an executable file to install it but can’t find one.

    can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the old Tweetdeck download, the new version is useless and Hootsuite and Seesmic are lacking as well. Don’t know what I’d do without this version. It was kind of you to share.

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