UEFI – The Cause of Failure of Booting From USB/CD

UEFI booting. Do not bother about its long name. Just remember its acronym. But if you happen to be an eager-to-know-everything peep, then you may proceed HERE

Let’s put it in the simplest manner. It is a “secure booting”. UEFI will prevent your laptop from booting any OS from any other drive like from USB and CD. Details explanation HERE

Remember the case where my laptop cannot boot from USB and also CD? Well, UEFI is the reason behind it.

There it goes. The bastard that has made me went haywire.

It was in ‘disable’ mode in default. Thought of changing it ‘enable’ mode. But then………

Did a bit research here and there and I finally made a decision to put it on hold while trying to get confirmation from ASUS itself or from Ubuntu Forum if Linux OS is 100% supported on UEFI boot since there were some cases where glitches did happen when booting other OS on UEFI boot mode.

Come on. This is not a RM300 stuff to play around without proper steps.

Ah yes. This laptop is ASUS A43S-VX038V, Windows7 Home Premium running on Intel i5-2430M, produced on August 2011, running on AMI Aptio BIOS firmware and made the debut into the market on September 2011.

Any helps are highly welcome and appreciated. Gazillion thanks.


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