[REPOST] Clean Up Shadow Copies of Older Windows Images

Edited version of the original entry that was published on 18 October 2010.

My D partition has a total size of 200GB. In reality, i only use around 20.8GB.

But it stated there that i’m consuming triple of the actual size.

Apparently, there were two updates done, which means my D partition hold two different versions of update. And that had made my partition to consume a ‘virtual’ 50GB space. The space was actually consumed by the update files.

Since i updated my Windows twice since the installation, I had two different version of updates. And I could actually delete the older versions by doing the following simple steps. (this is for Windows 7. It should be about the same for Windows Vista)

1. Right click the partition that you want to do the clean up and click on Properties. Once the’Properties window pops out, click on Disk Clean Up.

2. Click on More Option tab, and look at System Restore and Shadow Copies. Click on Clean Up and you’re one more step away from cleaning up your partition.

I’ve regained about 20GB of my D partition’s capacity. Another 30GB++ is used for my latest update version. I’ve done the same thing to my C partition and I’ve regained around 5GB capacity.


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