Digest This, Not Flushing It Straight Away

Words are hard to be kept.

Promises are easy to be broken.

Trust is nothing more than a sweet wrapper; taken away once it has been breached.

Too much good and bad old memories flashed in the mind in a very short period of time in which had caused emotion outburst and quickly turned into a deep, sorrow memories reminiscing process.

For whatever effect those memories had affected me; be it in good or bad way – I was levitated off the ground and pushed to another whole new undiscovered part of self-created compartment that had been virtually created in the mind. There are always spaces for a few fond memories to grow. What it needs is just a seed. Black seed for a bad new start. White seed for a not-that-bad new start.

A not-that-bad new start means starting a whole new line from the point that you have stopped and left behind. You start from the same point but not on the same axis.

Seeding a black seed is just a waste of momentum and chance. Starting from the same point on the same axis from where you have stopped. Bringing along the negative vibes, shouldering the same burdens and with an old mind set.

I planted a white seed. But memories are permanent. And bad memories are oftenly far more contagious than good memories. They can be easily triggered and spread. Now, I need courage to overturn the negative vibes into something that could make me stand on my own,  march forward and stay positive.

The future is uncertain but can be foreseen. And can be changed.

People are not born stupid. They are made stupid by education.


Pat-ent War

What is more stupid than an act being voted out but still not down because of the so called copyright fight by certain big power countries? It’s patent war by Apple.

I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will every penny of Apple’s $40billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. – the late Steve Job

This was said to be the starting point of the patent war started by Apple against Google and has ridiculously going on for a relatively long time.

Steve Job is our icon, they said. We continue what Steve Job wanted, they said.


Steve Job was also the person from Apple who condemned a 7″ tablet size. He described it as being “a dead on arrival.”

And today we have too many hard-to-deny rumours circling around pointing out Apple is in the midst of working on a 7.85″ iPad. ┬áThat’s how irony life could be, you know.

Ouh well. Steve Job wasn’t always right. Someone’s dancing on Steve’s grave, isn’t it?

Back On Being Classic

The people whom I am close to are so busy with their not-being-single life. And somehow I feel like I am being left out since there is no more best friends outing that we used to have. Ousted.

I do not want to fall into their dramas. Dramas of jealousy, insecurity, hatred.

And it happens that I am back to my usual me; do stuff alone and read novels. Spending ten of US dollars on ebooks. Revolving around my gadgets,reading tech stuff, exploring new music, out for a jog and spend some time to workout. And of course, classes.

Not pretty sure if this is the life that i want to have but I do not really have much option.

Being alone and being lonely have never been the same.