How bad does it feel to be a failed leader? No exact words can describe it.

I don’t know how the politicians survive living their live bulshitting people, being materialistic and being accounted for all the undelivered promises without feeling sucks.

I’m not a perfectionist but there are a lot of things where I plan ahead instead of going straight down unplanned. But how far could I go when the things I, or we plan at the top, are not carried out at the bottom part of the pyramid of command chain?

It feels terrible to lose control of your own people. And being known for the flaws instead of success.

Putting others aside and focusing on my own mistakes, I have also failed to deliver a promise that i made to myself; to revitalize the organisation – because I failed to handle the top management of the organisation.

I built my career for more than 2 years only to be ruined in less than half a year.

And it’s never good when people are afraid of you not because they respect you for being a charismatic leader but because of your so-called serious-like-hell face.

Stepping down by establishing name in “Hall of Nothing”.


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