Hate Your Job Or Live Your Dream?

*This article has been published in unitybond.com and is republished here after the site has been shut down.

I was at the office – reading an article on how much do people hate their jobs more than anything else; when something came across my mind; why do people still do jobs that they hate and abandon their dreams?

First thing to note is because they NEED more money. While some people say you can’t buy happiness with money, there are still nonetheless plenty of stuff can be bought to make you happy. Tech-savvies do get happy when they buy new gadgets to play with. Shopaholics do get happy when they go shopping and swiping their credit cards here and there and later repay the cost with their salaries.

An engineer isn’t necessarily happy with his job. The job might pay him well but there is something missing. An element of doing tasks with passion, willingness and desire. Some people go hunt high-paid jobs instead of pursuing their dreams simply because their dream-jobs don’t return them a favour; high pays.

Should we choose a high-pay job or living our great dream life with little money offered?

I’ve lived for slightly more than 20 years. And I’ve moved to not less than 4 states across the country. I’ve known many of my parents’ friends. I’ve witnessed some who lived their dream lives. Material-wised, they were decent. They had what they need and they owned one or two luxurious stuff, living with the beloved ones and had a lot of time to be spent together.

I’ve also witnessed some of the friends who lived luxurious lives because they were the executives. Less time spent with the kids and didn’t even have the opportunity to dine together on one same table. They lived in big houses, owned cars that took the spotlight on the roads but deep inside they were stressful. They spent too much time thinking work-related problems that they forgot they have other more important responsibilities back at home.

Living your dream life gives you an inner peace. That’s what you want all these while. You know you can never be regretful even when you are down with so many problems. Deep inside, you know you can tackle them because you are passion-driven. Why bother to get a job that has high pay when you can choose a desired job that pay you less, live the life that you have always wanted and at the same time gain side income through small online entrepreneurship, for an instance? Look things in a wider perspective to reach the same objective.

People can be committed to their work but deep inside they’re dead. That’s the point when you start to be less productive, not creative, inefficient, and always the first to punch out.

Ouh well, that’s quite a serious stuff to write about in my first post at Unity Bond. Hopefully that doesn’t leave you with a perception that I’m a serious guy who always talk serious in real life. Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch with me or give feedback of my posts at my Twitter. I won’t bite you, I promise!


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