What Makes You Right?

*This article has been published in unitybond.com and is republished here after the site has been shut down.

There are always things that we hope we have never done and there are always things that we hope we have done previously. While the former sounds more like we are expressing regret, the latter gives a little bit positive insight, in hoping to make things better than they are now.

Listen to theĀ olders because they have more experiences than you have.

While this saying is true in some aspects, it’s also a bit inadvertent. Money doesn’t totally make you rich (because you can also be considered rich if you have vast knowledge but little money) and experiences themselves don’t make you totally right. What lessons had they learned through the experiences that they had gone through? What are the values do they take to make them right at the end?

You went through an experience of making a wrong decision, which has probably led to the worst moment of your life. From there, what did you do to turn things around instead of just saying “how I wish I have never done that!” ? Are you now rich by experience and at the end did nothing to turn a new leaf in your life? How does that make you right? If you think you are now richer by one experience, yes you are right but if you think you are right because you did right (by doing nothing to change towards betterment), then you are wrong. You have done nothing!

What if, you do regret your decision in the past and you consequently make your mind to let bygone be bygone and march forward to the new chapter of your life? You’re not only richer by experience but you are also now one step behind of proving that you are right. You are right because you make your mind to leave the bad behind, take the first step towards betterment and hope for a bright positive future that will leave a smile on your face.

And there you go. Say you made changes towards yourself, you have been positive-minded all the way from the bottom of the wheel to right at the top. Ahah! You can now be proud of yourself because now you are right! You are right in making the decision to make changes for a better life. You are right in taking steps to be where you are now. You are also right because you turn things that have made you regret in the past into a booster to move on and change things accordingly.

I wouldn’t deny that to move on takes a lot of efforts. Everything needs efforts. If you are keen to prove that there are a lot of things that you wish you have never done, then start working to prove that you have never wanted to. Or else, words are just words, and things will stay the way you have set them to be ‘unintentionally’.


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