Twenty twelve and some stories

7 days to the doomsday. Who gives an F? The Mayans? You? Not me, certainly.

So, as typical as any blogger in any nook at any part of the world, I typed myself a closing note for the year. So it would later be a good reminder to future-me how cocky I was when I was already 21, or how thoughtful I was when I aged 21. Or if the Mayans were true, I wouldn’t even have a tiny chance to be reading this again in the future.

I had a wheel-like life. Everyone does, anyway. I am more than certain that I hadn’t typed the same thing in the previous years. But let say I had had this same thing in any of my long-deceased blogs, heck. Just pretend that I hadn’t, would you? Okay? Okay.

The year 2012 spelled me bad. I was gone from bad to worse in financial management. Okay next.

I have a best friend. We met when we were classmate in 2005. The best of the best, no kidding. Someone who I value more than a pirated app. This sounds shitty and childish. I don’t give a cent. Making the introduction short, she was the one who made me realized how important it was to support originality. And other people’s hard work. So I worked my wallet out to buy albums, and bought apps for my phones and laptop. Heck. They deserve our money more than the pirates, you bloody cute asses. I started spending on apps when I started to use iPod Touch somewhere in November last year but became 100% committed 3 months later.

I was introduced to open source thingy when I took C Programming course back in 2010. It was the first time I heard of Ubuntu, Linux et al. So I dug more and more open source software. I tried hard to opt for open source software or else, I’ll just…. Well, pay for premium stuff. I might make myself sound like a bloody fool to anyone whom on the same ship as the pirates but it is a great pleasure to have this feeling; I am giving my money to the right devs.

Christians or not, Jews or not, Muslim or not, I don’t judge. An effort is still an effort. An investment is still an investment. And an appreciation still remains as an appreciation. Write yourself  a hang-self-to-death note if you believe a Christian dev doesn’t deserve your money like a Muslim dev does.

It has been months since I bought myself physical novels. Because I thought I can survive on ebooks. Lasted not more than 3 months. I have quite a number of ebooks left unread to date. I thought I need to start going to bookstores. But I’m broke. So I ended up not going, and left with those unread ebooks on the virtual bookshelf. And another two reasons; can’t go out and no nearby bookstores – added to my “show cause letter” why I didn’t buy myself any book.

If there is anything left unsaid, that would be how fail I am in leadership. Big time sucker. I didn’t have much to be proud of during my reign in that little student society. I proved myself that talking is easier than doing. Would that count as an unlocked achievement?

I quoted this from an article at,

man and his thoughts about himself, are nothing more than a movable, changeable alphabet

Well, here is my words of wisdom to pair with the above quote,

woman and her thoughts about herself, are nothing more than backspace-able typed words on a keyboard

I am a man. And will always be. I carry balls ever since I was born. And I will, until I am dead.



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