Balls In The Mouth

Few weeks ago, I decided to take a break from chirping. When asked why, I would just reply “going out, looking for some peace.” True, what? You all should try quitting your drugs lah; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all that and feel the solace.

I quit FB long time ago. Because I was fed up with buggers whose their head were always in my kain pelikat. To say I quit Twitter because I took an arrow in my knee, that is some bullshit I can sell you all but no I do not.

Until few days ago, one friend said, “loser sia. Everytime got problem, always escape. Deactivate this, deactivate that. Quit this, quit that.” A bitter fact that I have to actually agree with. Because I am a gentleman liddat. But gentleman with no balls to get through problems like the little friend said lah. Got balls actually but kinda putting them in the mouth and sucking them like Dequadin lozenges.

I ignored him because I did not quit chirping because I ran from problems though I did quit from a post last February because I could not handle the problems that we faced at the time. There was just something that kept bugging me and after months of struggle, I said “heck. I am out. Looking for peace.”

And so did I. I found what I looked for. I was happy. It felt great. Until the same things kinda got to Whatsapp. Mind-boggling meh? It was just some pics lah, and status,  to make things understandable for you. So I asked myself, “where now? Where to run?”

If I keep running like this ah, then later how? Everytime got things I dislike, must run away ah? Why not face it one to one like a male grizzly bear does when it comes to mating season? Like how Patrick Teoh decided to stay instead of emigrating when got so many unpleasure things he was not satisfied with, to contribute and help make things better? To make the country better?

Sometimes it takes simple, minor things to shake our head, kick our ass and poke our eyes hard to take us back onto the seat and think rationally. A bit lah, if not that many. And repetitive. Like collapsing roofs. Happens once, okay lah. Isolated case only. Later got another one. Then we go “aiya. Another roof ah? How come?” wait until we get another roof collapsing, and another, and another….. Only then we feel like the walls have collapsed on our head and finally realize something needs to be done. And we start pointing fingers…..

Sounds childish? Get a mirror, see at your big nostrils lah. After clash, go ranting at Facebook. Go tweeting, unleashing your anger like your brain got a screw missing. Go GooglePlus-ing, put up a 800-word long status bellyaching things your ex had done to you. Wait. Got people use Google+ meh? (I do. So what?)

We all have that little things that will trigger our immature behaviours. Like soft spots lah. Everyone has ten to be least.

And so I come up with near-mid-year resolution although I never made one even on new year to show how serious I am about this. Resolution is a big deal what? Thinking of one is a pupil-dilating task, you know? For me lah to be least. Think of one first, later only lah think of how to accomplish it. Truly a Malaysian isn’t it? Get the systems work first only then think and see what are the benefits and disbenefits. Drain people’s money first only then think how effective the systems are, if any.

If like this, until I go down 6 feet below the ground, I am still a so called gentleman with balls in the mouth.

I am getting things done.


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