Fake It?

Don’t fake it ’til you make it, but fake it ’til you become it. – Amy Cuddy

That was from one of the Tedtalks that I watched on YouTube.

I once thought faking was easy. Until I failed to.

Edmund Bon had never spared a dream to become a lawyer until he went oversea and be with a bunch of people who wanted to do law. Sort of conformity. He referred himself as an accidental lawyer in a Popteevee’s interview not long time ago. I guess he managed to fake it ’til he became it. And he is very good at it, up to my point of observation to be very least.

I regret my decision of choosing my today’s path. There is nothing to be ashamed of to say that. Choice has been made. Path has been taken. And I am currently living that life. I can fake it ’til I make it sure, but to become it? Let it be another story at another time.

There is one thing that I cannot fake though. Tried, and failed. Lied, and hurt.


As Daniel Kahneman found out in his researches, cognition is embodied. We think with our body not just with brain.

Memories evoke emotions, and emotions evoke facial expressions and subsequently evoke avoidance tendency. If you have been noticing that I have been avoiding some people, how I have been cutting the conversations short, or my eyes have been moving away from looking at you when you were looking at me, now you know why. The avoidance tendency. It happens.

System 1 provides the impressions that often turn into our beliefs, and is the source of the impulses that often become our choices and actions. – Daniel Kahneman

Sorry but I have to put the blame on my System 1.

Feeling. We cannot fake our feeling. Most of the times.